MECO Mould Polisher MEC-PLD-400×150

(moulds for glass, plastic…)
Efficiency, speed and flexibility in any internal circular geometry polishing process

MECO has entirely developed and manufactured the revolutionary MEC-PLD-400×150-CNC, an innovative polishing machine for circular moulds with a continuous surface, which is especially useful for the glass containers industry, and for all kinds of mould manufacturers.
This machine enables the polishing of moulds of any material, whether it be cast iron, bronze or steel, at a speed and to standards of precision and perfection which are exceptional in the industry. It is a development which was needed as a replacement for the obsolete machines still used in the sector and to finally do away with manual operations.
Its multiple innovations, such as the independent heads or the vectorial motors —which enable a high working range at different speeds and frequencies— together with other improvements, make it an extremely effective machine.
The mould can be divided into 10 completely independent sectors in its programming, thus optimising the working parameters, rotational speeds and feeds according to the area of the mould being worked on. The remote connection system built into the machine enables technical assistance tasks to be carried out remotely, besides other functions such as the updating of new improved software, etc.
The MEC-PLD-400×150 will therefore offer you high productivity with maximum quality and safety.

Our polishing machine is trusted by major customers

such as Saverglass and Verallia, among others.