Pedrazolli Forming Machines

Bend Master 25

Pedrazzoli Bend Master Series with electric axis control including clockwise and counter-clockwise bending during same cycle.

Capacity: 1″ x .083

Bend Master 38

Pedrazzoli multi stack tooling design is capable of producing fixed or variable radius bends.

Capacity: 1.5″ x .095

Bend Master 45

Pedrazzoli machine structure manufactured from high-grade steel.

Capacity: 1.75″ x .118

Bend Master 65

All Pedrazzoli components machined to exact standards with dimensions certified by measuring systems.

Capacity: 2.5″ x .083

Bend Master 90

Pedrazzoli linear guide movements feature re-circulating ball spheres, brushless motors and rigid mechanical structure.

Capacity: 3.5″ x .157