Breton Hawx



Reasons Why

Six reasons to choose Breton Hawx

Sturdiness and Stability Over Time

Where others stop Breton Hawx gives his best.

The monolithic self-supporting structure and the beam-carriage-RAM assembly with box-in-box architecture have been designed to raise the level of accuracy and repeatability over time while maintaining high acceleration and speed.

The final result is the creation of a new reference point, clearly superior, in the machining centers of this category.

Hornet, the head developed by Breton for this machining center, is extremely rigid to ensure greater accuracy on the part most sensitive to stress, even in the most demanding processes.

Unbeatable Footprint

Up to 29% more working area with the same external dimensions.
Space is a cost and often every inch counts. Breton pays great attention to the optimization of the “footprint ratio”, the indicator that measures how efficiently a machine uses the space in the company. Thanks to its ultra-compact design compared to its main competitors, Hawx grants greater workable volumes for the same occupied area. In fact, with an external dimension of only 6,300 mm x 3,150 mm, it can reach a working area of 4,200 mm x 2,100 mm with a vertical spindle and of 3,780 x 1,680 mm with a 90 degree spindle. All this is made possible by the optimization of the Box-in-Box structure and the offset of the new Hornet head.

Perfect for Both Wet and Dry Processing

Failure to manage the powders, shavings and liquids generated by the various processes correctly would mean increasing the risks for the operator, making the work environment dangerous, increasing machine downtime and reducing performance. Hawx has been designed to work both wet and dry in order to prevent all these problems.
A series of protection devices have been inserted with the aim of keeping all sensitive parts sheltered. The axis guides are well protected by the bellows and the main drives are pressurized so as not to be contaminated. In addition, the ceiling bellows blocks the dust in the work area and does not allow it to reach the guides. The Z-axis ball screw is also closed and well protected. The head, in addition to the labyrinth, is also equipped with a V-ring scraper in order to guarantee complete protection both when working with aggressive and abrasive materials and when working with coolant. The tool magazine is outside the work area to keep the cones sheltered, entering only for the time necessary for the changeover phase.

Superior Category Safety

Operator safety always has priority.
All the typical safety of machining centers of higher categories is now also available on this range of machines. Breton Hawx comes standard with a redundant safety (safety Integrated), an additional brake on the Z axis, all the interlocks and pneumatic actuators controlled by values and safety contacts.
When working on 2 work areas (commuter), the intermediate bulkhead guarantees total safety for the operator during setup in the inactive area. In fact, it has been designed with particular attention to ergonomics and safety in order to allow the operator to climb onto the work surface even when the machine is operating in the adjacent area without danger of impact, chip projection or other risks. The operator can also enter the machine when the spindle is rotating at low revolutions and operate with the handwheel to perform checks and positioning in total safety.
The standard ECO collision avoidance system allows you to avoid accidental collisions between the various parts of the machine, not only in automatic cycles but also during movements in JOG (Collision control on the piece available on request).

Energy Efficiency and Reduced Operating Costs

The goal is to maximize the return on investment by taking into account the entire life cycle of the machine.
Breton, right from the design stage, takes into consideration the maintenance costs deriving from the technical solutions adopted. From this approach comes the choice of low consumption systems, obtained with the complete elimination of the hydraulic system, thus avoiding the use of oils, pumps, valve exchangers. The use of the Murr modular system allows the simple and quick replacement of a sensor or the addition of new ones, reducing intervention times and costs.
Maintenance costs are reduced through the use of the VCS Rotary package which checks and if necessary, self-calibrates the machine without the need for the intervention of a specialist. The protections of the servomechanisms through bellows and pressurizations allow to increase the reliability and extend the life of the components, while for the wet solutions, the use of self-cleaning or consumable filter systems considerably reduces machine downtime and additional costs for filter replacement.
Finally, Hawx allows the online regeneration of braking energy, in this way energy is not dissipated on the braking resistor.

Breton reliability and Assistance

For all machining centers, service is a fundamental aspect. Speed of response, technical skills, promptness in intervention and in the shipment of spare parts are elements that distinguish the Breton brand. These services combined with careful technical choices, such as the use of first-rate components and Teleservice, allow Hawx to achieve the highest availability rates.

The self-supporting electrowelded and monolithic structure is the central core of the machine which gives it strength and allows for easy handling.
The uniqueness of the box-in-box architecture guarantees a significant increase in rigidity of the beam-carriage-RAM assembly and is combined with the high resistance of the new Hornet head to obtain a significant increase in removal performance and accuracy. with maximum dynamics.
The innovative offset geometry of the head also makes it possible to expand the workable volumes and minimize the external dimensions of the machine, while ensuring better accessibility to the piece


Simulation tools and careful design made it possible to have a double offset of the A axis with respect to the center of the RAM, maintaining the maximum level of rigidity and precision. Hornet allows you to machine larger pieces with the same linear X and Y strokes, whether the tool is in a vertical position or with the A axis at 90 °.

The wide rotation of the A axis (-105 ° + 135 °) enables machining of the undercut piece by reducing the cases in which there is the need to reposition the piece, with a consequent increase in precision and elimination of a second setup.